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A: Yes, Porsche has recognized this as a serious problem and has had several designs that offer varying levels of repair. The expectation is that the replacement kits that can expect to last life of the car is the 1984 911 Carrera style Hydraulic Chain Tensioner kit. Before 1984 several iterations were used. Porsche says the first generation should not be used under any circumstance. The second generation was used in 1967-1983. If 100% authenticity is needed, it can be used for 911 1967-1983. The third iteration started in service with the 1984 911 Carrera and was connected to the oil circuit.

It’s a little beyond the answer of how timing chains work, what happens if they break and how much damage can be cause. Suffice to say, if the noise and potential engine damage is the issue, Porsche has a kit that will solve the problem. Hydraulic kit 93010591100 (right) and 93010591201 (left) are available from Dealers. A Look at Sunset Porscheparts.com shows a list price of $932.22 per each side. Sale price of each kit is 642.57.

Additional information may be found at Sunsetporscheparts.com, ORIGINALE Parts Catalog #2, Bentley Service Manual, or Porsche Technical Bulletin 84-01, issued May 11, 1984. For more of a step by step guide to see what is really involved in replacement, look at PANORAMA tech article from 11/85 written by PCA Tech Chair. All these sources are available to me.

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